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I am absolutely addicted to this book. It is amazing. I love coloring and zoning out and feeling totally relaxed! I can't stop until I have completely finished. Thank you so much, Osi and Wendy, for this incredible book.
Meghan H.
Hollywood, CA

As an art teacher, I appreciate the genius of creating this book. I treasure it tremendously. It's so much fun to color and I'm enjoying every minute. It's blows me away to see the black and white images come to life in color. I bought one book for myself and three to give as presents.
Hagar K.
Tarzana, CA

I wasted my time and money on costly painting lessons, expensive painting materials and equipment, not to mention the mess it created and the lack of talent that I had. What can I do? I'm not a Picasso. All the the above made me very frustrated. I heard about Therapy in Color from a friend and decided to purchase it. Like magic, all the frustration disappeared. All I need to do in order to be creative is to pick the right colors and draw within the lines and viola! You, too, can create masterpieces. Thank you so much guys!
Diana R.
Los Angeles, CA

Great leisurely activity! I highly recommend it.
Sheila M.
Beverly Hills, CA

This book is amazing! It has made my days relaxing and therapeutic. I have spent days and hours coloring and time seems to stand still with this book in my hands.
Tara V.
Hollywood, CA

When life always seems to move so quickly, Therapy In Color helps you take the time to slow things down and bring your attention to a calm focus.
Yael T.
West Hills, CA

I have loved knitting forever. And then my husband gives me this wonderful book. Now I don’t know what relaxes me more! Thank you guys.
Anna S.
Tarzana, CA

Therapy in Color is a beautiful book, but more importantly, it takes you back to a time when a coloring book and a box of crayons were all you needed to have a perfectly wonderful day. I look forward to discovering my creative side. I know the rebel in me, however, will keep me from coloring within the lines. It’s my new guilty pleasure, and I hope it becomes yours.
Joan C.
Woodland Hills, CA

It's about time! What a brilliant idea that someone is thinking about us adults; we are all children at heart.
Rachel S.
Tel Aviv, Israel

Thank you, Osi and Wendy, for creating this great book. It brings out my creativity and love for art.
Ana F.
Reseda, CA

This is a great idea! We love this book.
Nooshi A.
Tarzana, CA

I love it! I can't stop coloring.
Michelle S.
Beverly Hills, CA

This book is very valuable and a good purchase. I got a lot out of it. It took my mind off my problems.
David S.
West Los Angeles, CA

I'm enjoying every minute of this book. It's been a great experience.
Natalie P.
Beverly Hills, CA

This is a masterpiece! I enjoy it tremendously and recommend it to everyone.
Natasha B.
Beverly Hills, CA

Time flies so fast with this book. I don't feel like doing anything else but color!
Leora P.
Tel Aviv, Israel

As an interior designer, I really appreciate this fabulous book. My two daughters and I spend endless hours coloring together.
Tsahala C.
Beverly Hills, CA

I'm 15 years old and I greatly enjoy coloring in this book. When I start coloring, everything seems to work. Picking the right colors gives me choices and the ability to pick the moods for my art. I truly love it!
Audelia A.
Encino, CA

Amazing! I am a middle-aged man out of work and life has been tough. This book has been very helpful and therapeutic.
Ehsan S.
Beverly Hills, CA

What a wonderful idea! I am so happy to have this book in my possession. It keeps my mind off negative thoughts. It brings out my creativity and makes me feel relaxed. I would recommend this book to everyone who needs peace of mind.
Ashley Y.
Sherman Oaks, CA

This is a great coloring book. I especially love the quotes. They are inspirational.
Sonia D.
La Cañada, CA

I love this book. It's amazing!
Susana D.
Los Angeles, CA

I use Therapy In Color to reduce my stress levels. I find it very therapeutic and can take it anywhere. It's the ideal way for adults to have fun!
Lisa O.
Los Angeles, CA

I love the book, Therapy in Color. I'm sharing it with my two daughters. We love to color together.
Judy C.
Reseda, CA

This is an amazing book. I gave it to my Dad and he is really enjoying it and having fun doing it even at 88 years of age.
Sam M.
Encino, CA

What a great way to escape reality! I take this book with me everywhere. I framed and hung one of the pictures in my family room. The meaningful quotes are amazing too.
Orli A.
Sherman Oaks, CA

Therapy in Color is a great way to relax my mind. It is really fun to color the variety of black and white pictures. This helps a lot with the stress of being a teenager. Thank you!
Violet G.
San Diego, CA

Wow! What a brilliant and unique idea. I love the concept.
Shuly F.
Woodland Hills, CA

This book is a fun and relaxing activity. My husband and I are loving it. We cannot stop coloring and recommend it to everyone.
Ebru C.
Los Angeles, CA

I love this book! I've been getting so much out of it. It's a great holiday gift or any other occasion for any person. I bought ten copies for my teenagers, my retired parents and my in-laws and they are all benefiting from it. We even took it with us while we were on vacation. It's worth every penny I spent and more.
Sandra B.
Burbank, CA

My sister and I absolutely love the book, Therapy in Color. Our mom bought a copy for each of us. We spend time coloring nearly every day. We are teenagers and it helps us spend time together and share common hobbies which makes us feel closer.
Rebecca & Emm-Lee C.
Beverly Hills, CA

I'm an 83-year-old woman and this book is such a wonderful tool for me to deal with anxiety and uncertainty about the future. With all the extra time on my hands, it gives me the opportunity to step back and dive into a whole new world of creativity and imagination.
Shoshana R.
Tel Aviv, Israel

I saw this book at a friend's house and I was so impressed that I decided to buy ten copies and give them to my friends and family as presents. I think that it is such an original idea for a gift.
Beth W.
Woodland Hills, CA

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