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Therapy in Color™ is a gigantic coloring book specifically designed for adults. The idea and concept of Therapy in Color™ is to release tension and heal your soul through the art of coloring. The book is divided into different subjects based on personal preferences which makes it suitable for women as well as men. Each page includes inspirational quotes that will surely uplift your spirit, inspire and motivate you. See what all the buzz is about in Hollywood. Celebrities love the book and noted therapists support its therapeutic benefits.

Forget your kid's coloring book. Therapy in Color™ is a new coloring book created especially for you, the grown up.

The new approach opens many people's minds to the idea of how they can benefit from coloring. It has unleashed massive interest in our book.

This quick-spread phenomenon is changing the perception that coloring books are only for children. The same way kids are positively impacted by the act of coloring, adults can enjoy the same benefits as well. It helps reduce stress levels, elevates focus and promotes a soothing, relaxing frame of mind and sense of well being.

Therapy in Color™ is an instrumental tool that will benefit your life in many ways and at the same time release your artistic side. Life throws many challenges our way like health, money, addictions, loss of loved ones, divorce, career, relationships, insecurity about the future, in between jobs, disappointments and ups and downs. These cause turmoil and anxiety to our inner spirit.

What makes this book unique are the intricate images and the fact that it requires attention to fine detail. Unlike painting, you don’t need to have the skills of an artist to create a masterpiece. All you need is to pick the colors and draw within the lines. The results can be miraculous! Disconnect temporarily from everyday hustle and bustle and escape to a world filled with creativity, inspiration and serenity.

Make a connection with the child within and things might look simpler. Focus on the positive, put the emphasis on resolution and concentrate on hope while coloring.

There is a compelling personal story behind the creation of this book which is quite inspirational. It’s about overcoming obstacles, turning an unfortunate situation into a positive one, supporting good causes and using the book to help other people that are going through challenges of their own.

You’ll find serenity and relief in this fun and therapeutic activity.

Surrender yourself and start your journey of discovering and exploring the world of coloring. Therapy in Color™ includes an amazing collection of almost 190 unique and different black and white images to color.

Let your imagination take you to a faraway land beyond the horizon where you can take a sailboat to never-ending oceans or fly above untouched meadows, find imaginary creatures or visit the rainforest jungle, meet exotic birds and discover exquisite flowers. Create your dream car. Is it going to be an antique or an ultra-modern, super-cool sports car? You pick the color. How about a tour around the world where you can travel through your imagination to see landmarks in France, Italy, England, Mexico, Egypt and much more.

This is a magical, uplifting and fun coloring book for adults with a treasury of inspirational quotes that will empower you to make positive changes and take action in your life. Simple equipment such as a box of colored pencils, a copy of Therapy in Color™ and a creative mind can make a difference in your life just like it did in ours.

Osi Gutherz
Wendy Byle

Who Can Benefit from This Book
Young adults
Expectant mothers
People who want to color for pleasure and relaxation
Vacation activity
Retired people
Senior centers
People with disabilities
People in alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers
People in physical rehabilitation centers
Soldiers returning from active duty with physical

   and mental trauma
Veterans organizations
Support Groups
Women's organizations, clubs and shelters
Hospital gift shops
Recreation centers
Celebrities on location
People with health issues, out of work, money problems, etc.
Art teachers
Art therapists
Families dealing with divorce
Families dealing with grief
And much more

Table of Contents
Astrological Signs
Mystical Creatures

Important Note
This book is unique and no ordinary
coloring book. It is definitely not for
young children. The reason why is
because the black and white images
are very intricate and require attention
to fine detail. We recommend that you
use color pencils only.

Therapy in Coloroffers an extraordinary and practical approach to benefit patients with anxiety and depression. It provides an excellent tool to reduce stress levels and helps with focusing and expressing their creativity. It might be useful to treat aged subjects with mild motor dysfunction, as well as patients with initial neurodegenerative symptoms.
    —Dr. Irit Gil-Ad, PhD
    Head of Research Team in Biological Psychiatry
    Felsenstein Medical Research Center, Tel-Aviv University
    Naturopath (NT), Therapist

This unique and priceless book is a great way to strengthen one's visual system through eye-hand coordination training. Furthermore, it helps to balance one's emotional imbalance.
I highly recommend this book to all of my patients!

    —Dr. Foad J. Shirazian, OD

Therapy in Colorwill be a wonderful asset for society to help people heal from any illness, whether it be mental or physical or just for everyday self therapy. Coloring can be one of the best therapies!
    —Joyce Bennett, BMsc, Mdiv, Author
    Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Recovery Coach

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